Valentine’s Day in Indonesia

Valentine’s Day in Indonesia

Nov 27

Valentine’s Day ¬†on February 14 is a day when some lovers as well as those in love to mention his love in the Western World. Dark origins as well as a Roman Catholic feast day of St. Valentine is discussed in the article. Some readers might also want to read the entries Valentinus. This feast may not be assumed with romantic love while before the end of the Middle Age when this type of plan-concept created.
This feast today first assumed with some equally lover exchange notisi notisi-shaped “valentines”. Valentine modern emblem of which include also a card in the form of heart and a picture of a Cupido (English: cupid) winged. Began the era of the 19th, the habit of writing notisi declaration of love begin production of word cards with a mass way. Valentine Flower Shop in Bekasi The Greeting Card Association (US Words Card Association) estimates that in all the world around one billion valentine cards are delivered by th .. 1 This sort of thing makes this feast is the greatest feast of the 2nd after Christmas where cards word-card delivered. This same association can estimate that some women who buy approximately 85% of the total valentine card.
In the United States began in the 2nd half of the 20th era, custom card exchange expanded and includes also the provision of all types of gifts, mostly by men on women. The general shape of the gifts of roses and chocolates. Start th. 1980s, the diamond industry began to promote Valentine’s Day as well as an opportunity to give jewelry.
A date on Valentine’s Day is often thought that dating couples who were participating in a serious partner. Indeed, it is the day Valentine Love, not just the girlfriend or lover, Valentine is the biggest in terms of romance and not meaningful unless valentine not feel love.
In the United States this holiday then assumed by the general words of platonic love “Happy Valentine’s Day”, which can be delivered by men on their female colleagues and fellow man on her male colleagues and female colleagues on the female counterpart.

Valentin in Indonesia

Valentine’s Day in Indonesia is called ‘Valentines Day’, symbolized by the word ‘LOVE’. Even though if we want to carefully, kata’kasih dear ‘in English Idioms is not’ love ‘but’ Affection ‘. But why in Muslim countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, taking the meaning of Valentine’s Day. This misdirection.
Meaning ‘love’ actually is as Lupercalia history when those heathen, which is a ritual sex / marriage. So Valentine’s Day is indeed not commemorate affection but commemorate love / love within the meaning of sex. Or maybe with another bhs, Valentine’s Dayadalah DAY FREE SEX.
And in fact, these free sex habits are evolving today in Indonesia. Although actually in Europe alone this practice is becoming obsolete. So, all of this is the effort silting younger generation of Islamic creed.
This is mentioned Samuel Zweimer in the church conference in Jerusalem (1935): “The most important mission we are not destroying the Muslim group. Also as someone Christians mean you are setting up a new generation of much of Islam, the same generation of the corresponding class will of the invaders, who only pursue lazy generation air enjoyment lust ”

Fertility celebration bln. February

Association mid-month. February with love and fertility has no start from eternity. According to the calendar dates of ancient Athens, the period in mid-January to mid-February that month. Gamelion, which is dedicated to the sacred marriage of Zeus and Hera.
Valentine di Indonesia dan Sejarahnya – In ancient Rome, February 15 is the feast of Lupercalia, a celebration Lupercus, god of fertility, which represented half naked and wearing goat leather clothing. As well as the side of a purification ritual, some pastors Lupercus would sacrifice a goat to the gods, and after drinking wine, they would jog in jejalanan city of Rome, carrying pieces of sheepskin and also touching anyone they meet. Especially young women will progress by voluntarily because they believe that it will be endowed with fertility and can bore easily.

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